Why Is Your Car Insurance So Expensive?

Although these days it’s pretty easy to arrange your car insurance online, comparing quotes at the click of a button and paying by credit card for instant cover, one ever present difficulty still remains: the high cost of insurance policies. The fact that having car insurance in place is both a legal requirement and a sensible idea doesn’t detract from the annoyance of having to pay what seems to be an exorbitant sum, and most of us would jump at the chance of reducing the bill.To do this we need to know what factors insurance companies use when deciding how much our premiums will be.Perhaps the most important influence on the level of your premium is your own history as a driver. If you’ve a history of having accidents, then naturally you’re a higher risk to the insurer and so they’ll charge you more. Worse, if you’ve been convicted of a motoring offence such as speeding or driving while under the influence, then your insurance will cost you even more – especially if your licence was withdrawn.On the plus side, a history containing no black marks such as accidents will result in cheaper insurance as you build up a ‘no claims’ discount over the years.The next most important factor is what kind of car you’re trying to insure. Naturally, more expensive cars will cost more to replace, and so the insurance will cost you more too. This isn’t the whole story though, as other features such as engine size, the availability of cheap spares, and the difficulty of repair will have an influence too. Finally, some models of car are well known for being easier to break into or steal than others – the insurance companies are well aware of this and will adjust their quotes accordingly.How you use your car will also affect the price you pay for cover. If you rarely drive and have a low annual mileage, then your premiums can be cut as you’re on the road for less time, and therefore have less chance of needing to make a claim. City drivers may also have to pay more compared to those who drive in quieter areas.Where you keep your car is important too – if you have a secure parking area, preferably one that keeps your vehicle out of sight and under cover, then your risk is lowered, as will be your premiums. Cars that are regularly parked at the roadside are at a higher risk of being stolen or involved in collisions, and so will be more expensive to insure.One final point to cover is that of how attractive your car is to thieves, and not just in the obvious way of how desirable your vehicle is! An expensive car with a good security system including an alarm and window etching etcetera will be more of a hassle for criminals to profit from, and so is less likely to be stolen than a cheaper car with little or no security. Also, a car featuring plenty of gadgets such as an expensive audio system or satellite navigation will attract greater interest from potential thieves.So as we can see, even though car insurance is an expensive business, it’s not always as simple as it seems, and by looking at what insurers want in a ‘perfect’ customer, you may be able to drive down your premiums.

Looking For a Cheap Online Car Insurance Quote

I was hoping to find a cheap online car insurance quote. I was not sure what type of experience I would have.First, the zip code. Easy enough. It opened up into a screen showing seven top rated insurance companies, all very familiar to me. There was only one that I did not recognize. They gave a nice little wordy commercial, had a logo, and a “go” button.I entered the first one and entered information on both of my vehicles. This should give me a multicar discount, too. According to Experian Automotive, there are 2.28 vehicles in each household. The US of A still loves her automobiles! It asked for your make and model of my car, how many miles I drive it annually, whether I own, lease, or finance it. It also wanted to know if I use my vehicle(s) for commuting, pleasure, or for business. All of these factors help determine the insurance rate that will be applied to my vehicle.I worked through the first company to find they wanted my social security number… screeeeech!! This is a huge red flag for many people….social security number and entering it on the computer. The site has noted next to it a “gold lock” stating Privacy and Security. If you click on it, you will open up a window and get that company’s entire Privacy Commitment. The decision after that is totally up to you. While I find time to read through the Privacy Commitment, I moved onto the next company.I worked through the other companies. I found they each had their own nifty formats. They each asked for the same basic, pertinent information in order to find me the lowest online car insurance quotes. I was pleased with the ease I was able to move around within each “company.” It was important to me to be able to customize the coverage so that the quote matched my current policy and I was truly comparing quote to quote. I was able to save each quote and return to it later. I was able to email the quote to myself. I was able to print a copy instantly. I felt I was sitting in a boardroom with a representative from each company in front of me and I was drilling them with questions.The flexibility within the websites was amazing and I was in control. I could lay all the quotes in front of me and choose the one that works best for me…the cheapest online quote for car insurance. That’s what it was all about. Be a savvy consumer and make sure you enter consistent information into the websites. Once that is done, then companies of distinction will compete over your business to give you the cheapest car insurance quotes online. It was an easy, professional, money-saving, time-saving experience for me. I am glad I did it.

Why Does the World Have a Shortage of Automotive Electricians?

The massive demand and the fact that the trainee numbers decreased drastically, for qualified automotive electricians particular those with the more advanced skills, has created a shortage of workers in this field.The fact that changes in automotive technology brought along that auto electricians increasingly needs more and more advanced knowledge of sophisticated components and the working of these components.Cause a normal school drop out not to be suitable to be trained as an auto electrician technician any more. It used to be the school dropped outs that was trained in the past to become workers in automotive industry. This is no longer the norm.As people that’s wants to be trained as these technicians needs more advance skills and schooling now-a-days before they can be trained to be fit for these jobs. They must have a knowledge base of electronics and the working of electronic systems.To become an advanced skilled auto electrician, you will have to undergo serious training in the understanding of these systems that is implemented into vehicles. You must have the skills and experience to work with computer diagnostic equipment.This will be necessary for the following reasons.
The diagnostic scan tool only supplies the technician with a default code.
Then it is up to the technician to identify the possible cause of this defect.
This default code can still be misleading as it can be caused by the substitution from the one defect to another.
Therefore, the technician must understand this substitution due to the hop-technology that will try to override the defect by shifting it to a working component.
After the real cause of the defect was identified, the technician must have the skills and knowledge to rectify the defect.These are a few reasons why less and less people gets trained as automotive technicians, because you basically needs people with after school educations to be trained as automotive electricians in this modern world we living in.To me this will become an even bigger problem in the future as the amount of vehicles with this advanced technology installed into them will just increase in numbers.